Does getting dressed for work stress you out in the morning? Here's a tip, plan your outfit the night before. Outfit Deatils 1. @targetaustralia Relaxed Shawl Collar Jacket || 2. @countryroad Print Woven Top || 3. @seedheritage Lily Flats || 4. @forevernew_official Lena Twisted Necklace || 5. @...
Outfit for work today! Temperature took a drop today, hope that doesn't last long đŸ˜©
💙 Meu primeiro casamento como dama de honra. Amando!!! 💙 My first wedding as a bridesmaid. Loving it! 💙
Um novo conceito de roupas para treino. Prepare-se! #workout #workoutrio #workoutfit #workoutfitline
In celebration of #week4 i splurged a little on myself and bought a new training outfit 😁💛đŸ’ȘđŸ» on the right is a flip belt where i can stash my keys and phone while i work out. Also theres my pre workout, volt by neon sport to help keep me energized ans focused. And lastly, theres a post workout co...
🍇. Pie.
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