My #WAKEUPCALL , I nominate @ludyakasanova , @muutmainah , @endaendut ,and @ganteman_absplorer . Please text 70007 to donate £5 to the @unicef_uk syria Appeal . The moment i wake up .. #instapad #i stamap #instadaily #morning #indonesia
morniiing,, Happy sunday :D #wakeupcall
Maaf banget kalau jelek tapi ini mukaku kalau udah bangun ((apalagi rambut ugh!) #wakeupcall
Just made my #WakeUpCall donation via #WakieApp I nominate:
Pack mule alert!!! Haha. She is so darn cute. Haven't ridden her in days. Gonna try and ride her on my days off this week :) Got my Cabelas jacket on my saddle after a long morning ride.. Always a good day with my camo ;) Safety first too! Helmet required. So looks like this fall/winter is going ...
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