My #morning #wakeupcall is rolling all over me!
Well, good morning! My hubby has an entertaining sense of humor. | #halloween #skull #wakeupcall #goodmorning #okinawa
the coolest jew out there @adamlevine!
Mata jebew sisa semalam #wakeupcall
I've decided to invest more time into reading books. Since I'm not going to school and working a 9-5, my mind goes crazy with unproductive thoughts. I shouldn't hold myself back from my financial intelligence & at the end of the day, a systematic education will make you a living, a self-education...
Somebody's going to get a nice #surprise when they walk out of their front door this morning! #Bungarra #hungry #tubs #pilbara #wakeupcall
I see this happen way too often ladies... You can't set standards that you as a person can't meet or exceed. Stop telling yourself that no one out there can make you happy or can provide what you need. Someone once told me "you can't expect a Ferrari💰 when you act like a Honda Civic"🚗. So get off...
#wakeupcall "Mama bakal ko arroz caldo"
Guess what Mikaela likes to do beside boxing...? 😃👊 The answer is: Just play to "Go Healthy, Organic & Happy" with @Naturalboxcom! 💚 @mikaelalauren1 #naturalboxcom #mikaelalauren
Sometimes you just got to be ExTreMe #triplethreat #3terribleminds #wakeupcall
#WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 (& donate £5). It's for the 6.5 Million Syrian children effected by conflict (via #UNICEF) ❤️❤️. Post a photo or video of yourself when you wake up, and pass this message.
I'm just happy and extremely blessed!!! Had knee surgery Sept 16 soon as I started back walking good turn around and was a passenger in a car collision Oct 11. We were hit from the back, ran into the car in front of us then ran into a ditch and hit a tree. Out of the 6 cars involved only us and...
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