A la vista de que el lunes vuelve el frío, en @root_magazine estamos llenando la nevera de birras y preparando las tablas que Neptuno se ha portado. ¡Buen finde! Foto de Zachary Snellenberger.
Paris Selfie
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how long is forever? i'd wait for you forever.
#flyingwithfountainpens update....no issues to date. Beginning return leg BRU -> LHR -> HKG #penaddict #vanishingpoint #lamy2000 #fabercastell #nockshots #fieldnotes
Наступили осенние холода😑а значит, по традиции, пришло время для малинового чааая☺️
Неужели я оделась по погоде💨
Underground walkways and all that #vanishingsunday
OVER THE BRIDGE Sam Thompson Footbridge, 2014. I took this last weekend and both me and Cara nearly fell off my bike while i found the right spot to shoot. I wanted to get one of the famous yellow Harland and Wolff cranes in too! The new bridge links Victoria Park in east Belfast to the Harbour...
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