Впевнено та ввічливо. Скоро відпустка ...😊😇Lovely raspberry🎈❤️🎈 smile to me, sun☀️🌈
📷 Baha temple
Hello Sweden 👋
Morning | Solitude
Rainy but funky | Copenhagen
Finished an intense tree top adventure/obstacle course with rickety bridges and zip lining! Pretty proud of myself and @typicaldwayne and @dangerwuzzle for kicking butt and not breaking our necks! 💪🌲🌳🌴 // #vsco #vscocam #vanishingpoint #travelgram #stmaarten #ziplining
😩😩😱😱👈👈زززحمة. اللهم تقبل منااا واجعلنا من عتقائك من النار🙏🙏🙏
Darker Than Black • 📷: @Yungwolftown
Looking to the east... Playa del Rey on the right, Marina del Rey on the left, and NYC straight down the shoot!! 11 more days @amanda_schat!! 😍
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