My new pride and joy 👓 #sectornine #custom #letgoodtimesroll
First ride of the year, lets go 👊 #longboards #sectornine
Sois assez fort pour affronter tes problèmes, assez conscient pour savoir quand tu as besoin d’aide et assez courageux pour en demander💪 moi, mon longboard et le soleil, la plus belle histoire d'amour ☀️ #longboard #longboardgirl #sector9 #sectornine #vansoffthewall
SOUND TRIBE FANS: Come find @deemster_porn at the CounterPoint Music Festival and get a FREE blue 9 circle sticker! [look for the DP Seal Totem] --------------------------------------------------- @deemster_porn @deemster_porn @deemster_porn @deemster_porn @deemster_porn @deemster_porn @deemster_...
Just got back from the shop with design I drew up and got it. My dad made a deal with me that if we went today he could pick the colors 😑 #sectornine
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