I want a thighgap but I also want donuts #firstworldproblems
hey cutie i know you're reading this ;) wtf no one is online rn -.- comment anything if you're online
"What did you do today" Well I certainly did not marathon a whole season of game of thrones while eating ice cream out of a bucket and browsing tumblr that's for sure
Haha tag you best friend ~Rae
Like I said I'm a model. #first #post
#Repost from @anaterrero with @repostapp --- Así lucen nuestras pre y post funciones de #habitacionindependiente en Río Teatro Caribe. Vengan esta noche a las 7pm y mañana 6 30pm a disfrutar de esta súper pieza de Elio Palencia y luego de la famosa #Taguara con el elenco y los mejores mojitos! #t...
No me aburro no #post #carrozas.
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