Loving the rain but missing the sunshine. This one was originally taken on a sunny winter day in #PalmSprings
Huzurlu saglikli geceler 💕😍🙌🙏
Symmetry I'm drawn to symmetry. Something about looking up at a building or structure and seeing those vanishing or converging lines puts me at ease. Or the way that a geometric pattern is pleasing to the eye, which in turn has a calming effect In all honesty though, I think I'm drawn to those ...
I should have held the world record of "The highest-place-ever-taken to perform bicep posing.". Photo by: @gungde_dharma #freedomthinkers #streetdreamsmag #livefolk #liveauthentic #vscocam #vsco #miniwalk_its #exploresurabaya
Gothic Glass. St. John's, NL Canada (a photo a day)
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