Susar misiniz ders çalisiyorum !?!!?!??!?! Gagagagsgaba
Hergün bir Bayram selfiesi🙋 #teyzelidayılıabili #selfie 🍬🎀
So niggas want to hate on me , so niggas wanna plot on me , they jealous and they envy me , why? Cause im really who they wanna be ✊ #jealousy #Dt #morningselfie
Do my eyes look dead? Because that's how I feel. I feel like I am dead inside. I have no one anymore. And sometimes it feel you are trying to wind me up and sometimes I want to give up. But I have to stay strong for him. But im on edge. On edge from all of this. I want to give up and its not anyt...
Be happy, it drives people crazy!! Jealousy tries to kill all happiness around it, it's a bit unfair. Jealousy bullies and sometimes makes fun of happiness, and sometimes that happiness changes to sadness. And how would the world be without happiness? Tune out all the hate and be happy, it can dr...
Yes, this is a real food truck. Can you imagine? So jealous of Atlanta right now. #black #mexican #blaxican #soulfood #jealousy #sorrow
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