I can fake smile when I feel horrible. I can pretend to be happy. I can do a lot, but what I can't do is pretend that I don't love you...
I'm one of those people that always has a fake smile but today I feel really happy. Today is a sad day it's now been two months since my beautiful friend Aaron has passed n it's also been two months since my ex broke up with me, I still think your trying to tell me something Aaron haha! Love you...
That was suck a great day, im excited for the next game, never thought I would have so much fun playing footy!! Come on next game #knockout
My babyboy, love him to death! Baby cousin <3
Buenas noches🙈💕
Con las ganas - Sahara. @belen_1617 @rosabeel20
'Un beso por cada lunar'.
Sen nerdesin hepimiz nerdeyiz Güneş oyalıyor ikindiyi..
喜翻聚在一起的感覺❤ ✨✨✨找亮點✨✨✨ #InstaMagAndroid
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