Fresh Kona Abalone Sashimi
Kona Abalone
My name is Vicky and I am of sound mind. The man next to me is the one I want. You asked me, I'm answering, yes I love that man of mine.
Tbt Time Well Spent in Kauai, At the LightHouse Bird Watchin' Must of Spent at least 3hrs here...Snapping Pics!!!
woke up at 2 am 😴 drove up a dark windy road 🌀 saw a shooting star 💫 #allofthestars 🌟 #firstlight
I'm pleased to be taking the shots I've produced using a @gopro and @gopole. These two products, help me capture the beauty of not only the waves crashing above like glass, but the beauty of the oceans below as well. This was taken a few weeks back. I'm looking too invest in a larger mega pixe...
#Tantalus in the daytime is just as nice. Alek's last day of summer vacation and we took him up here for his first time. ✌😊📷🙌🗻
@wayneboi808 making it look way too fun. Pc: @jah_boogiie 🙌 Thanks ah boys for tagging @hawaiisummit
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